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What's a website without visitors?


The classic quote from the Kevin Kostner Field of Dreams movie used to hold true with regards to websites, however on a yearly basis, if not a daily basis, the number of new web pages popping up on the internet increases by millions. Such is the number of competing web sites, even in niche areas, your website is unlikely ever to be found unless you get pro-active (spend money) and take steps to make it get found. 


Nothing beats getting your website to rank on the first page of Google's results for your chosen keyword phrase. Make it to the top spot and you'll get a lot of visitors to your websites and become rich! But don't expect to get to page one over night, in fact don't even expect to be in the first hundred pages for possibly weeks, if not months. Just having a website made is not an automatic right of passage to getting listed in Google. Many people don't realise Google is owned by some seriously wealthy people and these people have created a list of criteria (known as the Google Algorithm) which set the bar very high for the types of website than can be allowed on page one. For more details, download our free rankings report. If you've not got time to do that, then we'll just simply sum up those criteria by saying expensive websites make it to page one, cheap websites don't.


The top and bottom listings on every page of results in Google are what's known as sponsored listings or paid for listings. In other words, the websites appearing in these positions are paying to be there. If trying to appear "naturally" in the organic results sounds like too much work or seems too expensive, then taking advantage of the Adwords scheme is, short term, a cheaper alternative and can provide a good return on your investment (provided your website is attractive and functional enough to convert visitors into profitable paying customers). The process and concept is very straight forward, simply create an account with Google, give them your credit card details and set a daily budget limit. Your site will then get displayed in the Google results and every time it gets clicked on, Google will debit a few pence off your card.  The bigger your budget, and the more people that click on your site, Google will give your site a more favourable position in the listings.


Social media is not just a way for below average people to make themselves seem fabulous, it is now considered a vital tool for business. Whilst the number of social media platforms is ever growing, there are still a handful that truly dominate the arena - namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and Instagram. These can be used to create a large following for your business thus spreading awareness of your brand, your websites and anything you have to say. Twitter, and Linkedin in particular are a very good way of networking and making contacts. Well done social media campaigns can gain you hundreds if not thousands of "likes" on Facebook, "followers" on Twitter, and connections on Linkedin.

At QWD we are expert in all types of digital marketing, not just Google rankings and Social Media, so get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

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