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I've never done this before, are things going to get complicated?

No, things are not going to get complicated, at least not for you they're not!  They might get a bit complicated for us but we make sure any complexities become our problem and not yours. A lot of web design agencies try to blind their customers with science, but at QWD we explain everything to you in plain English, no computer-geek speak or technical jargon. Just as a car mechanic would expect you to know very little about how to change a car tyre, we take the same approach towards our web design customers.  From domain registration to hosting set up, we explain and take care of everything for you. No knowledge of web design on your part is required at all. Buying a website from us will be one of the easiest and hassle free experiences of your life!

How much input can I have in the design process?

That is totally up to you. Many of our customers, before approaching us, do have an idea in mind about how they want their website to look, and that's fine, we welcome that.  If you want to sketch some ideas on a bit of paper and scan them to us, or perhaps provide a list of websites belonging to your competitors for us to look at. You can do as little or as much as you want to give us with that all essential creative inspiration. Likewise it is also totally fine for you to have no input at all. If you are not the creative sort, or have no ideas of your own and just want to leave it all up to us, then simply let us draw from our years of experience and see what we come up with.

Do I have to pay if I don't like my website?

This is what makes us different from other website design agencies. No, you do not have to pay. We would never ask a customer for payment for a service we have provided which is unsatisfactory.  At the start of the process we do ask for a desposit - usally to the value of 50 per cent of the job, however this payment is refundable from the moment you decide things are going in a direction other than the one you want. If you are not happy with our work and you notify us of this instantly, we will stop working asnd refund you back your money (less any costs we have incurred). If you are not happy wth our work and you continue to let us carry on working and then at the end of the job declare you do not like the whole website, then we would not refund you back your deposit,  however we would not request for you to pay the balance owed.  Typically we design all websites a page at a time. Each page must be approved before work on the next page starts, so there is very little chance to go too far off track.

Do I need to visit your offices for a meeting?

No you don't.  In fact so unneccesary is a meeting that we actually charge for our time. Customers signing up for our Budget Buster and Corporate Packages would be charged our daily rate for a meeting.  In this modern age everything thing can be done by phone and email.  We have customers all over the United Kingdon including Wales, and Scotland. It's not practical for them and it's not practical for us to take time out for a meeting. For customers signing up to our Corporate Package wishing to spend £2000 or more, a face-to-face consultation is included in the price if you so desire it, in which case all meetings take place at our Colchester office in Essex. We would stress that mostly a meeting is not required.

How long will my website take?

In some respects this is same as asking the preverbial question how long is a piece of string?  There are a lof of variables to take into account, such as how busy we might be at the time of you requesting our services, and there are issues regarding how easily we are able to work together. Our most commonly requested websites are for customers with budgets of less than £1000.  Websites of this value, size and scale are typically started and completed within 2 weeks at most, but we do try to aim to have everthing done within one week.

Will my website be in Google?

Yes and no! Google is a very complex creation and in order for your website to get indexed and ranked into the search results, a lot of criteria need to be met. And when we say a lot, we mean a LOT! Google make no secret there are several hundred ranking factors which contribute to how well a website will do in the index. These factors are all weighted differently and some count for hardly anything at all, but the top two ranking factors - content and links are of massive importance. Hours of our time (often a lot more hours than was needed to create your website in the first place) are required  to make your website worthy in the eyes of Google.  If we give you a quote to have a website designed, and you wish to pay us double and on an ongoing monthly basis, your website will show up in Google,  If you wish to pay nothing more than the price for just the design work only, your website will only show up in Google when you do a search for your company name. If your business operates within a local geographic area or is in an uncompetitve market, you may naturally appear for a handful of keyword search phrases.

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