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Below are just some of the nice comments we have earned

"QWD are without doubt the greatest website design agency on Earth. Their work is beyond perfection and their staff are amazing. Their prices are too cheap, they should definitely charge more and it's been an honour to work with them."

5 stars

Ok, we made that one up, but all the rest are real ...

"Thanks for being such a great help over the years. We have appreciated all the helpful tips and advice you’ve given. The knowledge along with the creative artistic designs work you bring, give another dimension to our website. I’ve never hesitated in providing your details to those who are searching for a trustworthy and reliable website company. The new website that you’ve created for our Company is very much admired, thank you once again for your patience and professional guidance. Best regards"

Carole London-Williams

"I have just clicked on to my new website. WOW!!! Absolutely fabulous, thank you so much. From the service to price and product, you are a totally great business to work with (as well as being a decent chap). Again, thank you for creating exactly what I wanted."

Jerry Wescombe

"QWD are a great team to work with. Patient and calm, they get to know your industry and spend time researching your specific requirements."

Martin Heiman

"We were quite daunted by the prospect of designing our first website and wanted it to enhance our business. From start to finish the experience has been a pleasure, your attention to detail has been excellent, as we went through to process of creating it each stage was discussed and your input was invaluable in creating our wonderful website.Darren from QWD has updated our site as we have expanded our business and nothing has been too much trouble, he has worked all hours for us and is a pleasure to deal with. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needed a quality website designed for them."

Lynne Hayes

"I've been most impressed with the talented team at QWD. We wrote the text, they created the concept and design in consultation with us, then built the site in less than a week. Their way is to build the layout and first page until you're ok with it, then they work all hours (and I mean all) - in touch by phone calls and emails as well as giving you access to your site as they work on it if required - to make sure the client's satisfied. Which we are. Better use of our time than templates - with which I was not impressed and which would have taken me weeks; and better than similar designer services I looked at. (No I'm not on commission, just want to give credit where it's due!)"

Martin Purvis

"I am writing to thank you for designing my website, I am so so very happy with it and the service you provided, you have done a great job, well done to you. The feedback from my family, friends and customers have all been positive, they have used words like, stunning, very professional, very impressive, the colour is absolutely beautiful and finally, who designed it. I have no hesitation in recommending you, Kind Regards."

Maureen Bailey

"The feedback on the website has been very positive over all"

Craig Horne

"I am really impressed with the work QWD undertook on my site. We discussed each stage and I was really grateful for their specialist knowledge. They were efficient and creative and delivered a complete site within a week I would highly recommend them."

Sue Kaye

"Thank you so much for all the effort you have put to help in every possible aspect of our business. Your dedication and attention to detail and advice, the amount of time spent, are of an extreme value."

Mariangeles A. Simal

"We are absolutely delighted with the website you have made for us. It exceeded all of our expectations. It was built in no time at all and we couldn't be more pleased with what you have done. We have already started to recommend your services!"

Michael Bearcroft

"Site looks brill!! Everyone has said so. Best so far, by far!"

Becky Jane Taylor

"I love it! You've been an absolute pleasure to work with. Please make the invoice out to the full amount you originally quoted I really appreciated your kindness and generosity towards me in lowering the price, but a good workman deserves his right reward."

Maxine McDonald

"Just wanted to say thank you for doing a great job on my website, I hope we can do business in the future. Best wishes, Eamonn."

Eamonn Murphy

"Oh wow is so nice! I'm really impress and I love the logo ..... awesome work!"

Sylvia Barthes

"Very grateful for my website. Darren Strudwick@QWD thank you for all your work, I am a happy lady:)!!"

Gabriela Alliston

"QWD were recommended to me almost as an off chance. What a great recommendation. They, in a very short time, designed a website for me that I never thought possible. It says exactly what I wanted it to say in a way that I wanted it said. Their naturally jovial nature made the whole process an easy and pleasant to complete. Additionally, the extensive services they provide at a very competitive price makes this the place to come for all your internet needs."

Jeremy Wescombe

"Just like to say how pleased I am with the website, I really like it and so does everyone in the office"

Moez Kara

"Thanks so much - you have been 100% brilliant with this project. Really grateful, and I'd be happy to leave a testimonial for your website if you'd like one."

Hillary Insall

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