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Choosing the right website design company

You need a website designed, but not just any website, you need one which is perfect for your needs, your budget and your business. And, what's more you've only got one chance to get it right. If you select the wrong web design agency to help you, then you're in a world of suffering. Uncessary costs, unexpected costs, delays, sub standard design work etc etc, these are things you want to avoid.

Web design company checklist


Make sure you look at past work created by the agency you are planning to hire. You want to see a variety and a lot of high quality work thus demonstrating that you're dealing with an agency that has creativitiy and a great deal of experience.


It's all about happy customers! Try and search out a testimonials page and read some reviews of past customers of the agency you want to hire. Lot's of happy customers means you can have confidence the right designer is about to make your website.


You shouldn't be interested too much in the price but rather what you're going to get for that price. You're concern should be VALUE for money. Don't go with the cheapest quote, sometimes paying a little bit more can lead to a huge increase in value.

Money Back Guarantee

This is where is gets exciting! With QWD, you can't lose at all. Unlike most other website design companies, who take a non-refundable deposit at the start of the job, our desposit is refundable. Less any costs we might have incurred along the way, we will refund you back your deposit should things go in a downhill direction - based on your discretion, not ours,

After creating a first page draft design of your website home page, if you are not happy with our work, we will make any alterations and corrections requested. If we still can't get it right - and you feel we are never going to - then at this point in the process you are free to ask for a refund. We can't refund for any costs that we've had to pay out for, but we can and will refund for any of our time that we have charged you for.

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Our North London based offices serve the website design needs of happy customers throughout the UK from 9am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

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QWD are committed to putting customers first.  We are members of the UK Website Design Association. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back.

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