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It's too bad we haven't followed the advice in our own free report as currently our search engine rankings are not the best they have ever been, however we have hit the top spot in Google several times in the past, and with over 100,000 visits to our website so far, we do have some knowledge in this field.

When you click the download button below a pdf format document will pop up which you can save to your computer, read and freely distribute if you want provided our name and logo are not removed.  There's no strings or catches, we're not asking you to sign up to anything, so download and enjoy!

Knowledge is power

The QWD Free Rankings Guide

Our free rankings guide is essential reading if you want your website to rank highly in Google. We explain step-by-step what it takes to get results from Google, how best to achieve those results and how Google works. On more than one occasion our own website has appeared at the top of page one in Google for keyword search phrase "website design", making ours one of the most highly ranked websites of all time in the industry, however as we've learned, and as you'll learn by reading our guide, a guaranteed path to a drop in rankings is complacency.

Reaching the top spot is just the begining of the battle, always remember your competitors are doing everything they can to go above you and push your site back down the rankings. Google themselves are also constantly trying to improve their search results and present their users with the most relevant websites, so constant work needs to be done to maintain your search engine rankings once achieved.

The QWD guide is written in easy to understand language and was updated just a month ago, so the content is extremely current. As mentioned several times, the guide is totally free and we ask for nothing in return other than you follow the advice contained within it and be successful.  Download the guide, and do what it tells you. Written by experts, it really works!

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