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In an increasingly international and interconnected world, your target market is no longer limited to just the United Kingdom, but instead consists of the whole globe. From China to India, France to Australia, and even arguably North Pole to South Pole! anyone and everyone on Earth who has a computer (and internet connection), is now a potential customer of yours. Depending on the type of business you have, it is essential to be able to communicate your message to all of these people in their own language, else you could be harming your profit potential in a big way.

For businesses offering a service which is transferable over seas such as for example companies selling particular products then it is quite likely a significant percentage of the target market might very well be non-english speaking. It is an advantage to have the content of your website translated.

Benefits of translated content

In the Western hemisphere, and especially in the UK, we often make the assumption that the rest of the world can speak our language, and indeed whilst English is no doubt one of the most widely spoken languages anywhere, there are still a significant number of your potential customers who can't speak English. If the content of your website is not translated and your aim is to reach an over seas market, you could be losing out on a lot of business.

On many multi-language sites, the default setting is for the content to appear in English. Near the top of the screen are the flags of all the countries whose languages the site can be viewed in. By simply clicking on the relevant flag, the entire contents of the website is instantly changed to the visitor's language of choice. Two main benefits are derived from this feature ... firstly the customers can now understand everything they are reading, and so the chances of a sale being made are increased, second, Google will rank your website higher in the search results in other countries.

Human translation services

There are several methods of translation for web content. A seemingly popular method, and by far the cheapest, is to link your website to Google-Translate, or use some kind of automated translation software. A good idea in theory, there are problems. Typically, automated translation software will translate a sentence word for word and not take into account grammatical changes, sentence structure etc resulting in a translation that can in some instance make no sense at all. The end result presents a very amateur image of you and your business. 

At QWD WE have a team of professional and experienced translators who do it the old fashion way, ie. by hand! This process is more time consuming and expensive, but the translation work is far more accurate and precise. We welcome on board the newest member of our team, Mariangeles who is fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan. For a full list of languages your website content can be translated into, and for pricing information, please contact us.

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