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What is Social Media?

The term "social media" refers to a collective of websites which make it possible for large organisations and individuals to communicate their views and opinions on current matters to a mass audience. Many of the Social Media websites are well known; Bebo, MySpace and so on, but the most well known of all are Facebook and Twitter - Facebook possibly now being the most visited website ever, receiving more hits a day than Google.

Typically most users of these websites have fairly unimportant messages to communicate with each other such as what they had for breakfast, or where they spent their last holiday (plus they might post some pictures of the beach and hotel!). But whilst the users of these websites are rather unremarkable, what is remarkable is the fact that there are so many of them. The combined number of Facebook and Twitter users at the very least is 100 million. We here at the Quality Website Design Company don't have the exact figures, but at the most it might be as much as 1 billion.

Social Media & Your Business

Knowing for a fact which website or websites up to 1 billion people a day will spend a big chunk of their week looking at opens up massive opportunities for business advertising. Facebook for example not only have millions of members who access the site regularly but know exactly who those members are in terms of age, gender, spending capacity, hobbies and interests and so on. Facebook can thus offer you a highly targeted form of advertising, showing adverts for your business to users whose profiles closely match the criteria of your target market.

Facebook Business Profiles

To avoid confusion, when conducting any form of marketing or advertising on Facebook, you first need a Facebook business page - as opposed to a personal page. The chances are you already have a personal page. A business page is set up in a different way to a personal page allowing people to "like" you rather than become your friend. A small link on the Facebook home page allows for a profile to be created for either a celebrity, band or business. A business Facebook page allows for you to display an almost infinite amount of information about your business including a link to your website. For a one-off fee of £50, we can set you up a Facebook business profile for your website and explain how to market it to the rest of the Facebook community.


Twitter works in a slightly different way to Facebook. There is less emphasis on the actual promotion of your business itself - ie products for sale, opening hours etc - and more emphasis on current events and happenings within your business operation, for example how things are going within your business, are there any promotions or discounts about to be offered and so on. Again for a one-off fee of £50 we can create a Twitter profile for you. We can also incorporate your "Twitter feed" onto your your website, thus every time you have something to say and "Tweet it" to your followers, the same information will appear in real time on your website.

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