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Mobile Website Design

Can the text be read without the need to zoom in?
Can the images be seen properly without zooming in?
Are the menu buttons too small for your fingertips?
Is too much information crammed onto a tiny screen?
Is it far better to view your site on a PC/laptop?

More people than ever view sites on a mobile
If everything on screen is tiny and visitors are forced to constantly zoom in and scroll across to read sentences, they will soon give up.

Look at the 2 sites and spot the difference >>
The layout on the left is perfect for viewing on a PC or laptop computer, but when viewed on a phone, it's not practical. It still looks very neat and tidy but it is impossible to read. Plus the menu buttons are far too small to be pressed accurately. A visitor to this site would need to read the pages by zooming in section by section. The layout on the right is perfect for viewing on a mobile device. There is even a call now button which, when pressed, automatically connects the visitor's phone to a specified phone number. This layout is so easy to navigate around on a mobile screen.

2 mobile phone screens

How does it work? ..... 1 website, 2 layouts!

The process is based on you having two completely different and separately designed websites - one for PC's/laptops and one for mobiles. Intelligent coding embedded into both sites allows for the correct version to be displayed everytime. In other words, the mobile version of your website will only ever display on a mobile phone, whilst the PC/laptop version will only ever display on a PC or laptop. So, your visitors choice of viewing device will determine which version/layout of your website he/she sees. If they view your site on a mobile, they will see the mobile layout, if they view it on a PC they will see the PC layout.

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