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Kono Pizza London

One of our more tasty websites, working long hours on an empty stomach to complete this job was not an option.  Kono Pizza is the brand new pizza concept from Italy which has now reached our shores. The concept is simple, eat your pizza while on the move! How is this possible? Simple; unlike traditional pizza, a Kono Pizza is cone shaped with the delicious toppings stuffed inside.

From a distance one might mistake a Kono Pizza customer for eating an ice cream type product such as a Cornetto, but not only are they eating a freshly cooked pizza alternative, but they are also eating a product packed with nutrional ingredients. Kono Pizza pride themselves on how healthy their food is.

Whilst Kono Pizza is very popular throughout Europe, Asia and USA with 200 plus restaurants in the franchise, it is relatively unknown in the UK. The owner of the franchise rights for the entire Greater London area contacted us with the aim of having a website to promote the concept to potential franchisees informing them of the different franchise deals available, the types of return available on an initial investment and general information about Kono Pizza.

At the time of typing this page, one Kono Pizza restaurant has already opened in Harrow Shopping Centre with 4 others planned for locations at other major shopping centres in London.  The long term goal is to have a Kono Pizza in every high street making the name as well known as KFC or even McDonalds.

We are proud to have been brought in on the ground level with what could potentially become a household name in the UK.

Kono Pizza Web Page
Kono Pizza Web Page
Kono Pizza Web Page
Kono Pizza Web Page

This could get addictive!



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