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What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is quite simply the term given to selling products via an online platform, typically a website. Probably the websites most well known for their shopping functionality are eBay and Amazon, both of which facilitate millions of purchases on a daily basis. Also, all the well known high street names such as Sainsbury, Tesco, Marks & Spencer, Argos etc, have devoted a lot of resources to developing the eCommerce side of their businesses.

At QWD, we can't quite offer you anything on the scale of Amazon or eBay (unless your budget is several million!) however if you are a small to medium size enterprise we do provide some options.

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1 to 20 Products
PayPal Integration

Our Price Package 1 is suited to small budgets and businesses with just only a small number of products to sell. We take care of every aspect of the design for you as well as future updates and changes to the site (charged at our hourly rate). All payments are processed via PayPal.

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+20 Products
Custom payment
From £1500

Full shopping cart functionality suitable for customers with an unlimited number of products to sell. Be it 20, 30, 40 or even 500 products, this is the package for you. Login member areas, shipping cost calculators, back end invoice management, content managed.


Need product photography? No matter how great your website or how great your products it all comes down to presentation. Your products must be presented in the most professional way possible, and this means using a professional photographer to take photos of your products.

No matter how good you think your photography skills might be and no matter the quality of the camera on your phone, you are not going to match the results that can be obtained by a pro photographer in a studio using lighting, state of the art cameras and Adobe Photoshop for post shot re-touching and editing. QWD can offer you a high quality photography service. Get it done, and get it done right!


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