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A highly trained group of people

Ninja Icon - Darren Founder

Darren Strudwick, Founder

Back in 2003 when life was simpler and there was far less competition, Darren had the idea of starting QWD. With a lot of hard work and a tiny bit of luck he rocketed QWD to the top spot in Google for a brief period. A musical prodigy, Darren is an accomplished rock guitarist and pianist.

Ninja Icon - Customer Relations

David Ffyske, Customer Relations

As anyone who deals with the public will tell you, there is nothing worse than having to deal with the public. Luckily for us, we don't have to. With his charm and unmatched patience David makes sure we have an understanding of our customer's requirements so that we get the job done right and faster.

Ninja Icon - Developer

Peter Gore, Developer

Peter is our number 1 designer and developer and is responsible for managing our larger more complex projects. Wordpress websites, content managment systems, database functionality, he thrives on seemingly impossible challenges. To our knowledge there is nothing he can't do.

Ninja Icon - Web Genius

Tim Cutting, Web Genius

Tim is almost a clone of Peter. All that separates them is the air molecules between their desks. An experienced developer and designer, he is a valuable member of our team having worked on many large and corporate websites in the past. Tim is also expert in SEO and online digital marketing.

Ninja Icon - Translation

Mari A.S, Translation

Mari is from Spain and as a result of Brexit, we have been able to cut her wages. Fluent in several languages including obviously Spanish, Catalan and English, she works on the translation side of things allowing us to create foreign language websites for many of our international and overseas customers.

Ninja Icon - Photography

David Forcina, Photography

With almost a life time of experience in photography David has become quite good at it.  His eye for detail coupled with an expert knowledge in the use of photoshop and image re-touching, allow us to be able to offer you high quality shots of your products for e-commerce websites.

Ninja Icon - Copywriting

Nikkie Jay, Copywriting

Can't think what to say? Most of our customers don't have this problem, but once in every while words escape them. If you are unable to provide us with words for your website, then Nikkie is our experienced copywriter waiting to help. Nikkie's hobbies include talking and shopping at Sainsbury's.

Ninja Icon - Video

Anushka Ayaru, Video

Anushka is in charge of our video department. Although a niche area, there is demand for 2 - 3 minute corporate promotional videos to be included on our client's websites. Anushka is a fun lively member of the team and has worked for countless media companies including Disney and ITV.



Our North London based offices serve the website design needs of happy customers throughout the UK from 9am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

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QWD are committed to putting customers first.  We are members of the UK Website Design Association. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed or your money back.

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