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Are you looking to earn a second income but don't know how?...

At QWD we might have come up with a possible solution to help you make money whilst at the same time promoting our own services. Our ever resourceful marketing department would like to provide you with your own website design business totally free of charge, including your own website! There are no strings and no catches, and perhaps most importantly no costs. Everything we provide you with, we do so free. You pay us nothing except £12.95 which is needed to register a "domain" for the website we give you. If we could provide you with a domain free of charge we would do that also! 

So How Does it Work?

The concept behind our idea is simple. We will provide you with your own website, registered under a "domain" of your choosing. The website we provide you with wlll be very similar in style to this one, although on a slightly smaller scale. We write the content for all of the pages (although you can have some input if you like), and all the sample website designs on the portfolio page are websites which we have designed.

Your website is essentially one big advert for us! However, an important distinction to make is that the website is yours and not ours. The website will bear your name all over it and the contact details on the contact page will be your contact details - your phone number and a professional email address (not hotmail or yahoo) which we give you. As far as the general public are concerned, on viewing your website, you are the website design company and we do not exist. If a customer wants a website designed, you are going to get the enquiry and not us. 

Of course, when an enquiry for a website comes your way, it is likely that your knowledge of website design might be limited and you will not be able to answer many of the questions that the customer might have, but you don't need to! Simply make a note of the customer's requirements along with their contact details and pass that information onto us. We then call the customer back and from that point on become the main point of contact. We design the website, guide the customer through the website design process and deal with any complaints if things should go wrong. There is no work or worrying for you to do. On completion of the website to a level of design which the customer is happy with, we then take payment. Your reward for introducing us to the customer will be a commission to the value of 20 per cent of our website design fee.

Promoting Your Website Design Business

Once we give you your own website, do not expect to be overwhelmed with enquiries from potential customers. In order to make that happen, potential customers need to be able to find your website, and so you need to make it visible to the world. Some form of website promotion is essential. There are various things you can do to promote your website design business, we list a few ideas below:

• Post a link to your website on social networking forums, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter
• Word of mouth, tell all your friends and family you have a website design business
• Advertise your website in local newspapers, yellow pages, shop windows etc.
• Get business cards with your website address printed on them.
How Much Can I Earn From My Website Design Business?

How Much Can I Earn From My Website Design Business?

If you follow the marketing steps outlined above, it is possible your website might get 200 visitors per month. According to statistics, that number of visitors will result in 2 website design enquiries. On the assumption both of those customers spend the average amount for a small business website ie £500, then that means you could be referring £1000 worth of work to us each month. We pay you commission of 20 per cent, so that means you can expect to earn £200 a month. A realistic best case scenario would be £400 per month.

Due to overhwhelming demand, which we have been unable to meet, we no longer operate our franchise scheme any longer.

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