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Ultra Hair Clinic

Ultra Hair Clinic are a non-surgical hair replacement solutions company based in Birmingham. Beleive it or not, it's possible to give the appearance of having a full head of hair without needing a hair transplant or any kind of surgery. Since Elton John put on his first wig, not only as the terminology for hair pieces changed (wigs are now known as hair replacement systems), but more significantly the technology behind them has greatly improved.

Human hair is attached strand by strand to a base so thin that it becomes invisible when placed onto the head, thus giving the impression that the hair is growing straight out of the scalp. So realistic is the effect and so strong are the materials used, it is possible to brush the hair back to reveal a hair line that looks 100 per cent natural. Consequently these types of systems are worn undetected by numerous well known people.

Ultra Hair Clinic came to us in search of an upgrade to their existing website. As is so common, they already had a website, but their previous web design company of choice had become very unhelpful, unreliable and expensive, so our help was required to take over the site and rebuild it to truly showcase the results which Ultrahair Clinic can provide to their clients. Some SEO was also carried out, and at the time of typing this, the site now ranks in third position on page 1 of Google results for keyword search "hair replacement Birmingham".

Ultra Hair Clinic  Web Page
Ultra Hair Clinic  Web Page
Ultra Hair Clinic  Web Page
Ultra Hair Clinic  Web Page

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