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The Foot Clinic

The Foot Clinic is based in Pinner and provides a range of foot treatments such as for example dealing with ingrown toe nails, amongst other things. We were approached by The Foot Clinic at a time when they did not have a website and when business was quite slow.

They were in urgent need of a web presence and more customers - as indeed we all are! Our brief was quite simply to build a website that would be visually appealing and yet informative, and of course to get it ranked in Google. In honesty, the key word search terms that the site needed to rank for are not the most competitive so we can't claim to be miracle workers, however (at the time of typing this review) for local search terms such as "chiropodist pinner", not one but three of the site's pages are ranked on the first page of Google results.

According to feedback we have been given, most new customers to The Foot Clinic are as a direct result of the site being found in Google and they are more than thrilled with the results we have delivered to them. On a personal note, in terms of design this is one of our favourites. Designed just before responsive websites became the norm, this site is not responsive, however we did design a separate mobile layout which does display when the site is viewed on mobile devices.

The Foot Clinic Web Page
The Foot Clinic Web Page
The Foot Clinic Web Page
The Foot Clinic Web Page

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