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Quality Fix are a handy man / home improvement service, capable of doing pretty much everything! From kitchen and bathroom installation, to plumbing and roofing maintenance, to household appliance repairs, they do it all. Based in North London they have now been going for several years, however we were their web design company of choice to get things started.

When Quality Fix approached us, they had a very clear idea of what they wanted, but rather than put constraints on our creativity, gave us a free hand as long as we promised to come up with something good! We should point out that our best work is always done when we are given a free hand. Typically the more input a customer has in the design of their website, the worse it tends to look!  Remember, we have done over a 1000 of these things, we know what we're doing, so you're always better off leaving it to the professionals.

Another example of a great looking website, produced on a budget of just a few hundred pounds for a local small business, the end result came out looking better even than we had envisaged from the start. At the time of typing this review, the site is unresponsive / non-mobile friendly due to it being several years old, however as with all our long standing clients, a responsive upgrade is always available at a discounted rate.

Quality Fix Web Page
Quality Fix Web Page
Quality Fix Web Page
Quality Fix Web Page

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