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Featured Website Lie Detector Investigations

Lie Detector Investigations

This is one of our favourite websites, and we're telling the truth! Infact we can't lie about this website. Lie Detector Investigations are a Scottish based lie detection company with a team that operate throughout the UK, and in some instances overseas.

Specialising in infidelity testing - where both men and women do an equal amount of fibbing - they also carry out tests in the corporate and public sector. Lie Detector Investigations have been featured in local press as a result of their regular work testing guests on the Jeremy Kyle show as well as testing guests on other well known TV shows, not to mention famous names that have been the subject of media scrutiny in years gone by.

Just in case you ever find yourself the subject of a Polygraph test, we have it on good authority you can't beat the machine! Sensors are placed on the finger tips to record changes in heart rate and cameras record body language and movement. Telling a lie is more stressful and requires more effort than you might think resulting in involuntary fluctuations within the internal mechanisms of the body which are impossible for us to control or hide.

Lie Detector Investigations  Web Page
Lie Detector Investigations  Web Page
Lie Detector Investigations  Web Page
Lie Detector Investigations  Web Page

This could get addictive!



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