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Leaping Lilly Bouncy Castle Hire

Leaping Lilly Bouncy Castles are a bouncy castle hire business based in Essex.  For the curious - Leaping Lilly is the daughter of the owner of the business. We would presume with age she will stop leaping around so much. The business started out with a variety of just two bouncy castles for hire, but in a couple of short years, that number has grown to ten and they are all hired out on a fairly frequently basis during the summer period.

We would like to think the website has been a major reason for the success and growth of the business, and indeed with some basic SEO it does rank well in Google for local search terms such as "Bouncy Castle Hire Romford".

Visually, the site itself presented us with a challenge as it was required to be fun and funky however up until this point our portfolio was mostly corporate in appearance.  We rose to the occasion and produced exactly what was asked for. This is a bright and fresh site and has a real fun energy about it whilst at the same time keeping the feel of a serious and safety-conscious business providing information to customers in a very easy-to-find format.

We have had nothing but good feedback from the owners since making this site.

Leaping Lilly Web Page
Leaping Lilly Web Page
Leaping Lilly Web Page
Leaping Lilly Web Page

This could get addictive!



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