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Kick Start Health

Feeling hungry? The chances are that the answer to the question is going to be a big YES! in fact most of us, even after eating a 4-course meal start to feel hungry again within less than 1 hour. When it comes to nutrition, the amount you eat actually is not so important as what you eat. Quality, not quantity is what counts, and Kick Start Health are devoted to making sure we eat the right types of food.

Founded by Margaret Peterkin, a health fitness guru and nutritional expert, Kick Start provides educational programmes for adults and school children aimed at informing them about better eating habits so as to improve short term health and prevent long term illness such as for example heart disease.

Margaret first came to us in 2013 in need of a website for her business.  We were happy to oblige.  More recently, the website has been re-designed / upgraded to become mobile friendly / responsive and in addition a health quiz feature has been added allowing visitors to the site to fill in a series of multple choice questions about their iifestyle on completion of which an automatically generated assessment of their current health level is emailed to them.

Kick Start Health  Web Page
Kick Start Health  Web Page
Kick Start Health  Web Page
Kick Start Health  Web Page

This could get addictive!



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