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JALT Services

JALT Services are one of our many Polygraph clients.  Having designed (several years ago) what is now a very out dated website for the British Polygraph Association, our name is passed around quite a bit in the Polygraph industry. On this occasion we were approached by Jerry Wescombe. We don't usually mention customers by name, but Jerry is one of the most decent and fastest paying customers on our books, not to mention very easy to work for.

Jerry's company - JALT Services are specialist in dealing with relationship issues, employee integrity testing, internal theft and shrinkage, fraud related issues, corporate investigation and sporting integrity. Services are offered on a global basis and not just to customers in the UK.

Other types of intelligence gathering and vetting work is also offered by JALT Services and carried out in countries and locations which you really wouldn't want to travel to without some kind of protective clothing that is effective against grenades, The screen shots below represent version two of the website. Version one was created just slightly before the responsive revolution, however version two is fully responsive and adaptive to different devices and screen sizes.

JALT Services Web Page
JALT Services Web Page
JALT Services Web Page
JALT Services Web Page

This could get addictive!



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