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House Presenter

House Presenter is another great example of the type of website we will provide if you choose our Budget Buster package. A fairly basic site in terms of functionality, yet visually it looks a lot more than what it is.  House Presenter is one of several websites we have designed all based on the concept of "home staging". This is almost an art form where by if you can't sell your property you can call on the services of an expert who will provide advice and guidance on where you are going wrong as far as presentation is concerned.

Just simply taking a little more time to hoover the carpet and then adding a vase with some flowers to the table in the middle of the lounge can be enough to change the whole appearance of the room, and be the difference between a viewer purchasing your property or deciding to walking away and view other properties instead. Our office is a permanent mess so we learned a lot making this site.

As you might expect, our Budget Buster does not guarantee you the greatest site ever made, however a lot of creative thought went into making this one. The sight is minimalist and yet provides a lot of information to the customer. It's very clean, easy to navigate and was built within three days.

House Presenter Web Page
House Presenter Web Page
House Presenter Web Page
House Presenter Web Page

This could get addictive!



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