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David P Stern

David P Stern are a jewellers based in the heart of London's jewellery district, located not more than a stone's throw away from Sotheby's Auction House. Established some 30 years ago, they are not actually a jewellery merchant, but rather specialise in the restoration and repair of damaged or scratched gems and stones - in particular diamonds. As such, they also repair watches, necklaces and bracelets.

More recently they have started creating made-to-order bespoke jewellery including a unique range of hand crafted Diamond engagement rings. So if you are planning to get engaged in the next couple of years, start saving now!

We were asked by David P Stern to design a classy expensive looking website but at the same time to retain a rustic workshop feel - the emphasis being more on the fact that David P Stern are a workshop employing highly skilled craftsmen, as opposed to being the jewellery department of Harrods. As always, we provided a website which 100 per cent matched their requirements.  Some basic SEO was carried out and the site ranks for a selection of search terms in Google which we have been told do bring in a fair amount of new business.

David P Stern  Web Page
David P Stern  Web Page
David P Stern  Web Page
David P Stern  Web Page

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