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> September 2016 - Top 5 Mistake Made by Web Design Customers!
When getting a website created for your business there are several things you should and shouldn't do. Typically 5 mistakes are most commonly made, chief among which is not listening to the advice given by your website designer! The reason you are paying a web designer is because they are able to do something you can't. So be guided by their suggestions when it comes to creativity and page layout. They know what they are doing, they've done this before!

> July 2016 - How Much Should You Pay For A Website?
A huge amount of talent, technical know how and time goes into making the better websites. Designers and developers who create good websites are worth their weight in gold and as such can charge accordingly, typically £50 to £100 per hour. When you take into account just the home page alone of a website can take 2 days to make, you start to get an idea of what you might end up having to pay. Of course, there are cheaper alternatives, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

> December 2015 - Reaching Page 1 of Google
The question I am most commonly asked by clients - usually within seconds of completing their website - is why can't they find their new site anywhere in the Google search results, or more specifically on page 1. I always thought it obvious that a website can't be indexed by Google in the space of 3 seconds since it's completion, but it would seem a lot of people genuinely have no idea how Google works.

> December 2015 - The Importance of Paying for Images
Most people are unaware how serious the consequences are - financially speaking - when it comes to using images on their website without either paying for them, or at the very least obtaining written permission for their use. Simply taking a photo from Google images and putting it on your website could land you in court facing a bill of thousands of pounds. Beware the Law of Copyright.

> November 2015 - What Makes an Online Business Succeed?
A large majority of my clients have the disillusionment that all that is needed to make money online is a cheap website. The concepts of hard work, need for specialist skills, marketing strategy and budget and long-term vision do not enter their thought process. My own business required several years of study, thousands of pounds in advertising and a realistic goal of not making a profit until year three.

> November 2015 - Why Responsive Design?
Responsive design is the new buzz trend in web design and has in effect revolutionised the way in which websites are now designed. Gone are the days when websites were only viewed on desktop computers. Now there are a whole range of viewing devices - phones, tablets, laptops etc, and of course they all have different size screens. Responsivity allows a website to adjust on-page elements accordingly to better fit each screen size.

> November 2014 - I've Seen It All A Million Times!
Perhaps slightly unprofessional of me, this blog is a personal rant! Having dealt with nearly a thousand customers, I have now become expert in spotting those whose intention it is to either not pay, or try to delay payment. When a client says a particular line to me, they don't realise I have most likely heard that line a million times before and so I know they are planning not to make payent. My intuition in this area has got so good, I can detect a time waster or someone planning not to pay just by listening to the tone of their voice for a few seconds.

> July 2014 - "It Will Only Take You 2 Minutes!" - Reasons Not to Pay a Website Designer
If you go into a McDonalds, ask for a particular meal and that meal is served to you in under two minutes, does that mean you should not pay for it? Of course you should, and you might even be thinking what a strange question to ask. Typically the faster a service is provided, not only would you expect to pay for it, but you would expect to pay more. For some reason this principal is not applied to web design. The faster I can do a job, the less people want to pay me. Perhaps when I charge, I am not charging for my time but for my experience and expertise!

> October 2012 - Penguin Update & SEO Companies
Google have been at it again. In their never ending quest to provide users with the perfect search results, they have once more made an update to their algorithm, but this time it's a big one. The cute and cuddly and somewhat harmless sounding Penguin and Panda update has been nothing short of devestating for millions of websites who saw their search rankings drop over night.